Coutner Strike Clan
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 Imena Klanova

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PostSubject: Imena Klanova   Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:53 am

Clan name Clan tag ivn`
#mono mono !
#ozx |#ozx|
#Riotgear -=[RG]=-
#scots #scots
#Sin.uK SiN.uK
#squad3k 3K
#stasis s.
#tdr #tdr
#The.ChoseN ChoseN >
#thkillerz thk
#Unified #Unfied
*RENEADES *[Renegade]
-twisted Reality- -tR-
.torment. .torment.
13th-division #thirteen
1hp clan 1hp
2 excess 2xs
2JEDI |2J|
2seXeh 2perfoRm 2seXeh r
4-Word Media 4-Word Media -
7th Alliance 7a
a G o n y aG.
A Guy Thing *AgT://
Abyss Wraiths Aw |
Acknowledged a^
Active Xtremists [Ax]
adrenaline Junkies a:Junkies
Adrenaline Rush AR |
Advanced Online Advanced[o]
Aftermath Aftermath -
Aggressive Agg|
Alert AlerT
Alien Gamer AG
Alien Storm Clan -=ASC=-
All Fired Up aFu
Alliance.cs Alliance.cs
aLternative aLt
altitude alt .
another:level an.L
Anti-Climax [ac].
AnTs Clan AnTs
Assault Kommando [Ak]
Assault Retribution Corps -|ArC|- Asylum.cs
Atari.Crew )|(
aWe aWe
B-Force Five @ BF5
Bad Company bc.
BaD.MagiK B.M
badattitude ba'uk
badCompany is badCompany
Balls on Chin #BoC:cs
battered battered
beGamers beGamers
bizzare bizzare!
Black Death Warriors #bdw
Bleeding-edge bE|
Blood Rulz #Blood-
bloodshed eSports.bSd
Blue Screen of Death [BSOD]
Blueprint Blue
BonGo BonG -b2-
Boys From The Dwarf [BFTD]
Bravo 20 [-B20-]
British Soldiers #bs.cs
broughton Stars bStars *
C***** W***** -=CW=-
C.I.A [C.I.A]
c4urself! c4u
calibre calibre
Canadian Crew {CC}
Carnage! #carnage!
Carpe Amplus Tripectorus -=C.A.T=-
China Numen Euro
Choke Choke
church #church
Clan Dirty Dirty
Clan heCTik #heCTik
Clan Love Love.cs
Clan Mighty Gardions -:C|M|G:-
Clan Switch
Clan [F] [F]
Clan-Luck Luck.uK
clan.w00t clan.w00t
clanhash [#]
classified classified :
Clear-Gaming Clear-Gaming
CMK <={CMK}=>
code of eXecution coX
coerce coerce.
Collective [c]
conneXion CNN
Conspiracy.cs Conspiracy *
contact! contact!
cos? cos|
Croydon [Cro]
CS Club 7 csc7
CS-Marines marine
cs0 cs0
Cstrike Legends CsLegends*
ctx ctx
CtX [CtX]
Cumbrian Sheep 0nline [cs0]
Deaths Embrace team-de
Deaths Embrace.nVidia de.nVidia
Defcon One uk *
Definitive Definitive *
defunct defunct
defunct defunct
Defylogic #defylogic
deliverance deliverance
Delivering Shots with Perfection DSP|
Demon Raiders |-DR-|
Destined is #Destined
destruktive-gamers dsb
devil stomper battalion [DSB]
Die2Win! D--\
digital heresy .dh:
diGital Reality diGital |
digital-5 digital-5
Digital.Onslaught Digital.Onslaug
Dishonest Bastards #db-clan
Disillusioned Ones D1s
Disposable Heroes DH.
divine-intervention divine.i
DoGs [DoGs]
dreaM * Powered by UKCSA dreaM!
Drop The AWP -{DTA}-
eGaming e -->
eGaming e ->
elemental ele elev.
emo kids :(eMo):
enamor enamor:
endeffect endEffect
enigma enigma.
eNvy! envy
Epic AK's EaK |
eQual-Gaming #e.Gaming
eSports.Edge edge
essence essence
essence is eternaL essence
Ether Ether !
ethicaL ethicaL.
euthanasia euth
Evolved Synectics e.sys
eX [eX]-
expired expired !
eXtreme unrealment.. Team-Xu |
F5 F5 |
Fat Boys Are Back [FBAB]
feo feo
fibre fibre
fightclubclan fcc
fireside fside
First-Gaming 1st
Flaming Carrot Unit FCU
Flexfit F2
fluid element [fluid]
Forever Sports f.sports |
Forgotten [F]
Forgotten [F]
formidable f://
ForsakeN ForsakeN <o/
forZe forZe
Four-Kings Intel 4K^
From Zero from zero :
ftp:// ftp://
FuSe FuSe
Fuzion Fighters {FZN-FGT}
Fuzion Fighters Clan {FZN-FGT}
g33k! g33k!
Game Dimension Online GDO
Game Dimension Online GDO
Game2XS.Monkey Magic G2XS.MM
GameOnline GoL|
Gamers Evolved EVD
GamersXP [Gamers.XP|
gameskills gs
gameSlave gS
Gamezville Clan -[GC]-
Gaming-Icons icons *
Gifted Gifted .
God Squad God Squad *
Going Clutch! Going Clutch!
good 2 go [G2G]
got:Game got :Game *
Hallucagen haLLu
Happy Hackers #appyhackers
Has Beens Has Beens
Headshot >>>He@d$h0t<<&l
HeRb -[HeRb]-
HeRb -[HeRb|Name]-
Hertz Hz
HiT3k hT ::
HoGing HG
Hub.cs Hub
hyped [hyped]
IG4U-Gaming IG4U|
Illusive iLL
ImaGine ImG
ImaGine ImaGine
iMMunized iMM
impact i :
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